For the development of its activity, S.A. Lipmes uses various types of waste containing zinc, acquired in the domestic and international markets, based on its zinc content and on the zinc metal price on the London Metal Exchange (LME), and has the status of Waste Manager issued by the Agència de Residus de Catalunya, with the code E-52.93 and NIMA No. 0800118529.

S.A. Lipmes is a member of the Spanish Technical Galvanizing Association (ATEG), since 1969.

Among other materials, we recover zinc-rich stripping solutions from the galvanizing industry, which becomes the basic raw material in our production process. We also offer our customers a chemical control of all flux baths, an analysis which provides the information necessary to adjust its composition to the requirements of each installation.

All waste from these recycling processes are handled in our own inerting plant and thereafter deposited into landfills authorized by our environmental authorities.