Zinc chloride

Zinc chloride is a chemical compound whose formula is ZnCl2, with a molecular weight of 136.3 g / mol. This product is hygroscopic and deliquescent and therefore must be protected from moisture, even that contained in the atmosphere.


One of the main applications of zinc chloride is to act as an electrolyte in dry batteries (zinc-carbon). Zinc chloride has the ability to attack the metal oxides, this property allowing its use as flux in the weld metal, dissolving the oxide layers, and leaving the metal surface clean. Zinc chloride is used in various fields such as water treatment, as a fireproofing agent in textile processing and in the manufacture of bactericides, fungicides and stabilizers for plastics.

This product can be manufactured in liquid form at any concentration up to 65% in solid form as a dry powder. The anhydrous material is packed in polyethylene valve bags of 25 or 50 Kgs, in big bags of 1.000 Kgs and in metal drums of 250 Kgs. The liquid material can be delivered in tankers or IBC'S of 1.000 lts. All the packaging we use is UN approved.



ZnCl2 Cloruro Zinc  · Anhydrous Zinc Chloride

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